Term & Conditions

  1. Each person will only able to redeem once.
  2. Participant must follow the instruction in the program to complete the registration.
  3. Once the information (including name, gender, phone number, email address & point of collection) submitted, no adjustment allowed.
    登記資料 (包括姓名、電話號碼及電郵地址)一經遞交,不得作出任何更改。
  4. Selling or exchange the discount offer for cash is prohibited.
  5. Participants are required to review and agree to the terms and conditions before summiting the personal information for registration. In case of violation, Food Union Asia Pacific Limited reserves the right to cancel its participation in the event.
    參加者需於參加活動前閱覽及同意活動細則及條款,如有違反,Food Union Asia Pacific Limited有權取消其參加活動資格。
  6. Food Union Asia Pacific Limited reserves the rights to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the activity, and may also change the terms and conditions of the event without further notice, and participants must fully agree to comply.
    Food Union Asia Pacific Limited有權決定取消、終止、修改或暫停本活動,另亦可自行更改此次活動之條款及細則而不需作另行通知,參加者須完全同意遵守。

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